Celebs Over 70 With Wildly Active Sex Lives

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Did you know that Susan Sarandon claims that the reason her skin looks so good at the age of 75 is that she's still sexually active, or did you think that it was merely because of a good skincare routine? Traditionally, we think of people as becoming a good deal less sexually active as they venture into retirement age. However, this general adage doesn't appear to be quite as true in Hollywood. There are numerous Hollywood celebrities over the age of 70 that have claimed they’ve maintained incredibly active sex lives into their twilight years, and we’ll be looking at some in this video!

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Some of the many Hollywood celebrities that have claimed they’ve maintained their sexual activity into their old age include Florence Henderson, Susan Sarandon, and Betty White. Florence Henderson may have passed away in 2016 at the age of 82, but it appears that she was sexually active at the time! A year before her death, Florence shocked the world with stories of her multiple friends with benefits, including a chiropractor living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Susan Sarandon’s active sex life was revealed to the public when the elderly actress was asked about her skincare routine. According to the 75-year-old, the reason her skin is always glowing is because she’s so sexually active! However, she has also eschewed many habits that have caused her peers to age poorly, such as smoking.

At the age of 99, Betty White may be the most surprising addition to this list! Although it’s uncertain if the actress is sexually active currently, she claimed that she was sexually active as recently as 2010, when she would’ve been well into her late 80s. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at celebs over 70 who still maintain wildly active sex lives.

Celebs Over 70 With Wildly Active Sex Lives
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