The Troll Toll Podcast Live #14: Sexy Phone messages to Xiltix

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Cast of characters
Clanky: the voice of reason
itsagundam: The Straight man
Xiltix: human 4chan
Dgirl: The normal person

0:00 intro
0:05 tiktok vs youtube
1:15 AI movie
3:15 DSP is boring
5:17 the adventures of uncle dragon
8:13 Let's see what he is up to
32:05 Higher than I've ever been
47:00 xiltix's gay soundboard
50:44 Import fees (hot crazy matrixs)
55:33 Fluffy eats better than 3rd world children (pet talk)
1:04:00 the failed motovolgger & xiltix reports homeless old women
1:07:00 flesh pots
1:12:15 hobo simulator inaccurate
1:18:00 fighting with streamlabs
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